Germany – 2014

Delegates: Ms. Celina Sharon Greppler, Mr. Ozan Solmus

State: Germany

7. Ms. Greppler and Mr. Solmus (Germany), speaking as youth delegates, said that they represented 20 million young people under the age of 25 living in Germany, and 7 billion people worldwide. People of all ages needed to work together in tackling challenges that could only be faced together, including formulating and implementing policies and programmes at all levels to combat all forms of age-based discrimination against older as well as younger persons. The rights of youth were also human rights, and transcended any categorization. Diversity should be recognized as an opportunity and an inspiration rather than a source of conflict and hatred. An individual’s right to self-determination was essential to the development of any society. All Governments should adopt an inclusive and representative system of legislation at all levels and ensure full participation in policy formulation. Quality education for all was another prerequisite for effective participation and was essential to global understanding and global citizenship. Citizens should not be under constant surveillance. The future should consist of a two-way communication process, with the participation and representation of all. Dialogue was essential to the promotion of trust.

UN Doc.: A/C.3/69/SR.4

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UN Doc.: A/C.3/69/SR.4, 8 October 2014, p. 3, Youth Delegate Search:, doi: 10.17176/20221018-193356-0.

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