Youth Delegate Search is a project of the X-Student Research Group “Youth, Peace and Security – Analysing the Reception of Youth Delegates’ Speeches by the UN Security Council” at the Department of Law of Freie Universität Berlin.

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Julian Hettihewa und Felix Schott
Freie Universität Berlin
Fachbereich Rechtswissenschaft
Lehrstuhl für Öffentliches Recht und die Internationalisierung der Rechtsordnung
(Univ.-Prof. Dr. Helmut Philipp Aust)
Van’t-Hoff-Str. 8
14195 Berlin


The official records by the United Nations do as official documents not enjoy (or only very limited) protection under copyright law.

Our own work, the statistics and the compilation as database, is licensed as CC0 (“public domain”). Of course, attributions are appreciated nevertheless.