Bulgaria – 2017

Delegates: Ms. Ralitsa Dikanska, Ms. Assya Pandzharova

83. Ms. Dikanska (Bulgaria), speaking as a youth delegate, said that young people should be equal participants in all decision making processes at the national and global levels. They possessed the knowledge and courage to tackle the major issues facing the world. However, in order to realize their full potential, several challenges to social development needed to be overcome, in order to provide youth with employment, career opportunities and the right to quality education. Those challenges were seen in Bulgaria and around the world. Young people had to have soft skills, applicable across job titles and industries, to participate in the labour market. Participation in sport was one way that the soft skills of discipline, leadership, perseverance and respect for others, for instance, could be honed and then transferred to the classroom or workplace. It was unfortunate that there was still a lack of recognition of the educational advantages it offered to young girls and boys, as such skills contributed to building personality and to social development in general. [*12*]

84. Ms. Pandzharova (Bulgaria), speaking as a youth delegate, said that given the great movements of refugees and migrants currently taking place, intercultural dialogue was an effective tool for building trust and tolerance and supporting social development. Young people in particular could contribute to the social integration of refugees and migrants through education and training, thus enabling them to participate in the labour market. Young people were agents of positive social change, and their full participation was crucial for achieving peace and respect for human rights. Her delegation called upon Member States to recognize the role of young people in ensuring equality, social cohesion and sustainable development for all.

UN Doc.: A/C.3/72/SR.2

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UN Doc.: A/C.3/72/SR.2, 2 October 2017, p. 11-12, Youth Delegate Search:, doi: 10.17176/20221018-192727-0.

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