StatesYouth DelegatesGender (Age)
Australia1male (n/a)
Austria1male (n/a)
Belgium2female (22, n/a)
Bolivia1female (n/a)
Bulgaria2female (22, n/a)
Canada2female (n/a), male (n/a)
Chad2male (26, n/a)
Czech Republic2female (23, n/a)
Denmark1male (n/a)
Eritrea2male (n/a, n/a)
Finland1female (n/a)
Georgia1female (n/a)
Germany2female (23), male (n/a)
Honduras2male (17, n/a)
Hungary1male (n/a)
Ireland2female (n/a), male (25)
Israel1female (n/a)
Kyrgyzstan1female (n/a)
Mexico4female (20, 24, n/a, n/a)
Morocco5female (n/a, n/a), male (n/a, n/a, n/a)
Netherlands1female (n/a)
Norway2female (21), male (27)
Peru1female (23)
Poland2male (19, n/a)
Republic of Korea3female (20, 23, n/a)
Romania2female (n/a), male (n/a)
Slovenia1male (n/a)
Sri Lanka2female (n/a), male (n/a)
Sweden1male (n/a)
Switzerland1male (n/a)
Thailand4female (19, 21), male (22, n/a)
Tunisia1male (n/a)
Uganda2female (n/a), male (n/a)
Ukraine2female (22), male (n/a)
United Arab Emirates2female (n/a), male (n/a)
United Kingdom2female (23), male (18)
United States of America1female (n/a)

Overall for 2016

– from the Global North24
– from the Global South13
Youth Delegates66
– female Youth Delegates35
– male Youth Delegates31
– non-binary Youth Delegates0
– held by female Youth Delegates21
– held by male Youth Delegates20
– held by non-binary Youth Delegates0
Average age21,90
– youngest Youth Delegate17
– oldest Youth Delegate27