Sweden – 2007

Delegate: Mr. Ehrling

8. Mr. Ehrling (Sweden), speaking as the youth representative of Sweden, said that young people should be viewed as a resource for innovation, development…Continue readingSweden – 2007

UN Doc.: A/C.3/62/SR.3

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UN Doc.: A/C.3/62/SR.3, 9 October 2007, p. 3, Youth Delegate Search: https://youthdelegatesearch.org/sweden-2007/.

Netherlands – 1989

Delegate: Mr. Van den Hurk

18. Mr. Van Den HURK (Netherlands) said that a subject of particular concern to young people was their lack of…Continue readingNetherlands – 1989

UN Doc.: A/C.3/44/SR.15

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UN Doc.: A/C.3/44/SR.15, 27 October 1989, p. 5, Youth Delegate Search: https://youthdelegatesearch.org/netherlands-1989/.

Netherlands – 1987

Delegate: Ms. Bakker

43. Ms. BAKKER (Netherlands) referred to a meeting held in Amsterdam in May 1987, in which five Nobel Prize winners…Continue readingNetherlands – 1987

UN Doc.: A/C.3/42/SR.14

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UN Doc.: A/C.3/42/SR.14, 15 October 1987, p. 11-13, Youth Delegate Search: https://youthdelegatesearch.org/netherlands-1987/.