Sweden – 2009

Delegate: Mrs. Wallberg

7. Mrs. Wallberg (Sweden), speaking on behalf of Swedish youth, said that sustainable development for all, which presupposed the possibility of living in good health and participating in political decisions, must be guided by the spirit of solidarity and the desire to work for the common good. Swedish youth believed that the right to live one’s sexuality was essential to health and well-being and went hand-in-hand with equality of the sexes, recognizing the need to be aware of the potential risks. Recognizing that it was not possible to participate fully in the life of society without being in good health and that participating in decision-making meant taking one’s health in hand, Swedish youth were asking Governments to promote young people’s participation by supporting the organizations representing them. Young people had solutions to propose, they were imbued with a spirit of enterprise and innovation, and they refused to live in a world that they had not helped build; consequently they were insisting on being associated in decision-making processes at all levels in order to shape their own future while helping to achieve human rights and sustainable development.

UN Doc.: A/C.3/64/SR.3

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UN Doc.: A/C.3/64/SR.3, 17 November 2009, p. 3, Youth Delegate Search:, doi: 10.17176/20221018-194252-0.

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