Slovenia – 2017

Delegate: Ms. Sabina Carli (26 years)

51. Ms. Carli (Slovenia), speaking as a youth delegate, noting that inclusiveness was a core aspiration of the 2030 Agenda, said that current pressing issues needed to be addressed in a coordinated and inclusive manner. In Slovenia, the younger generation faced many challenges, including structural unemployment, unstable employment and a lack of skills for, or a mismatch of skills with, the future of work, all of which delayed the transition to adulthood and the full autonomy of young people. There was a need to ensure the realization of all human rights and fundamental freedoms, provide decent and stable work opportunities to young people, empower young girls and women, strive to develop effective mechanisms for the inclusion and social protection of vulnerable groups, ensure access to high-quality education worldwide, embrace the potential of new technologies, use the existing tools of international cooperation and develop new, more progressive ones, and strengthen efforts to preserve and protect the environment. Given the pressing challenges faced by other generations, in particular the older generation, intergenerational cooperation, dialogue and solidarity were essential.

UN Doc.: A/C.3/72/SR.1

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UN Doc.: A/C.3/72/SR.1, 2 October 2017, p. 8, Youth Delegate Search:, doi: 10.17176/20221018-192628-0.

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