Slovenia – 2015

Delegate: Ms. Katja Cimermančič (24 years)

96. Ms. Cimermančič (Slovenia), speaking as a youth delegate, said that young people had great capacity for innovation. However, if younger generations were to be the driving force of global progress, the international community would have to address major challenges faced by youth, including the gap between education systems and labour markets, the lack of active youth participation and inequality. Youth unemployment was a serious challenge that could only be addressed by enabling students to gain practical experience, recognizing non-formal education and involving businesses in the education system.

97. Slovenian youth had little confidence in the political system because they were not involved in decision-making processes. It was not acceptable that young people were currently only able to demand their rights through non-conventional means such as petitions and rallies; society would not be able to develop unless youth were able to participate at the national, regional and international levels. Lastly, inequalities based on factors such as gender, health, cultural identity, race or ethnic origin had no place in contemporary international society; decent living conditions, high-quality and inclusive education and employment opportunities must be accessible for all. Lastly, she urged delegations to bear in mind that youth were important not only for the future, but also for the contemporary world.

UN Doc.: A/C.3/70/SR.1

Cite as:
UN Doc.: A/C.3/70/SR.1, 6 October 2015, p. 13, Youth Delegate Search:, doi: 10.17176/20221018-193335-0.

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