Romania – 2015

Delegates: Mr. David Timis, Ms. Anca Agachi (22 years)

58. Mr. Timis (Romania), speaking as a youth delegate, said that the youth of Romania had identified education, employment and civic engagement as areas requiring attention. With regard to education, there were significant discrepancies between rural and urban areas in access to education, illiteracy and school dropout. The non-governmental organization Teach for Romania was addressing the situation by providing young Romanians with the training and support necessary to become leaders in education. That trend [*9*] could be supported by the provision of adequate funding for infrastructure and academic staff.

59. Youth struggled with the transition to the job market because of a lack of career counselling and the gap between the skills acquired through education and those required in the job market. Public policies should foster entrepreneurship and facilitate the entry of young people into the job market.

60. Ms. Agachi (Romania), speaking as a youth delegate, said that civic engagement was crucial to the well-being of any society and youth participation should be encouraged. The youth needed to be better informed about their rights and responsibilities and introduced to political education from an early age in order to be connected with the local and global agenda. They also needed to be more involved in decision-making processes at the societal level, which could include establishing a youth strategy, implementing a youth advisory board and organizing consultations with young people.

61.Youth engagement in volunteer activities should be officially recognized and certified. Romania had established an online platform to match young people with organizations offering volunteer opportunities and official certificates validating the competencies acquired. Through volunteerism, young people grew into proactive and charitable citizens with the potential to become role models in their communities and impact society.

UN Doc.: A/C.3/70/SR.3

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UN Doc.: A/C.3/70/SR.3, 7 October 2015, p. 8-9, Youth Delegate Search:, doi: 10.17176/20221018-193222-0.

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