Norway – 1984

Delegate: Ms. Drivenes

33. Ms. DRIVENES (Norway) said that young people had participated in her country’s delegation to the General Assembly for many years, and that had helped to enhance international awareness among Norwegian youth. She hoped that the number of young people on the delegations of other Member States would be significantly increased. Her country, which was a member of the Advisory Committee for the International Youth Year, believed that the recommendations of the committee now before the General Assembly satisfactorily reflected the many concerns voiced in the course of the preparations for the Year. Youth organizations in Norway attached considerable importance to follow-up activities to the International Youth Year, for the experience gained could serve as a basis for further action, particularly at the national and regional levels.

34. A National Committee for the International Youth Year had been established in Norway in 1983, with the Minister of Culture and Science as its President. Committees had been organized throughout the country to co-ordinate and stimulate appropriate local activities and to co-operate with youth organizations and related [*10*] institutions already dealing with youth questions. Thus, young people were assuming responsibility and participating actively in planning for the Year, and would continue to do so in the observance of and follow-up to the Year. It was encouraging to note that many countries in different parts of the world had established national committees. Those committees should strive to ensure that their activities would have a long-lasting positive effect on the situation of youth within their countries.

35. Given the importance of ensuring that young people would continue to be heard within the United Nations system, her delegation requested that the Advisory Committee at its fourth session include recommendations regarding channels of communication between youth organizations and the United Nations among its proposals on follow-up activities relating to the Year. The co-ordinating link between the United Nations and world youth provided by the Geneva Informal Meeting should be strengthened, and her Government urged others to follow its example by providing financial support to the Meeting to facilitate participation by youth organizations from developing countries.

UN Doc.: A/C.3/39/SR.19

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UN Doc.: A/C.3/39/SR.19, 24 October 1984, p. 9-10, Youth Delegate Search:, doi: 10.17176/20221018-195440-0.

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