Dominican Republic – 2009

Delegate: Ms. Rivas Pérez

35. Ms. Rivas Pérez (Dominican Republic), speaking as her country’s youth delegate, said that the Dominican Republic was aware that investment in the young generation was a contribution to the nation’s future. It was also essential to involve young people in the search for solutions to the challenges of globalization, and the youth delegates at the General Assembly were one of many positive examples of their inclusion in international forums. 

36. Although many young workers were overqualified for their posts, others with few academic qualifications had limited options. Yet many were obliged to leave their studies in order to generate an income. All Member States should provide young people with opportunities for decent and productive work to support fulfilment of the Millennium Development Goals. 

37. Young people were as vulnerable as other groups to environmental degradation. It was important to raise awareness of such issues as climate change, since the impact on future generations would be even stronger. Increased energy consumption, the growing world population and vast social differences were all factors contributing to climate change. The Dominican Republic, as an island State, was also affected by factors such as variations in sea levels and natural disasters. Effective measures should be implemented to guarantee the right to a healthy environment. 

38. The guidelines and goals of the World Programme of Action for Youth would change the lives of millions of young people throughout the world. Her country had promulgated the General Law on Youth in 2000 and had reviewed its youth policies in 2008. Wasting the potential of young people was an impediment to economic growth.

UN Doc.: A/C.3/64/SR.4

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UN Doc.: A/C.3/64/SR.4, 21 October 2009, p. 5-6, Youth Delegate Search:, doi: 10.17176/20221018-194313-0.

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