Denmark – 1985

Delegate: Mr. Nielson

  1. Mr. NIELSON (Denmark) said that the proclamation of International Youth Year
    had contributed to an increased awareness of the problems facing youth, which was a
    threatened group, especially in the present time of economic crisis. Many young
    people in both industrialized and developing countries were facing complex problems
    which they could not resolve. It was therefore of the utmost importance that they
    should study the reports of the Secretary-General very carefully and seek guidance
    in the wise suggestions contained therein. It was also important for
    decision-makers to listen to young people and also involve them directly in the
    building of society. His country had a long and valuable tradition in that field.
    International Youth Year had also stimulated many new activities especially at the
    local level.
  2. He would have wished the discussions in the Third Committee to have resulted
    in recommendations to all the Members of the United Nations that they should
    involve youth to a much larger extent in the decision-making processes at all
    levels of society. He would also have wished United Nations organs and specialized
    agencies to give a greater role to young people. He did not feel that the draft
    resolution submitted by Romania (A/C.3/40/L.3) took those considerations
    sufficiently into account. He suggested in conclusion that the General Assembly
    should take the comments he had made fully into consideration when discussing
    questions relating to youth at its forty-first session.

UN Doc.: A/C.3/40/SR.22

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