Bulgaria – 2018

Delegates: Mr. Diliyan Manolov, Mr. Yavor Gochev

83. Mr. Manolov (Bulgaria), speaking as a youth delegate, said that young people had a crucial role to [*13*] play in attaining sustainable development and in shaping lasting peace and security through meaningful participation in development policies. The main priorities identified by 700 young Bulgarians who had participated in a recent nationwide survey were quality education and decent jobs. The skills gap was viewed as a major barrier to their transition from education to employment. Entrepreneurship could be a powerful tool for addressing those challenges and tackling the high levels of youth unemployment.

84. Mr. Gochev (Bulgaria), speaking as a youth delegate, said that entrepreneurship could equip young people with valuable skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, leadership, teamwork and problem-solving. It could be used to turn social challenges into solutions powered by innovation, to launch new careers that departed from the typical economic model and to foster positive community development. The international community and all interested parties could actively support the development of entrepreneurial competences in formal education systems and empower young people to be creators of quality jobs.

85. Bulgarian youth also highlighted other topics such as global environmental issues, improvement of health care and illegal substance abuse. Young people wished to engage in all policy areas that concerned them; they could do so with the support of Governments and financial and educational institutions.

UN Doc.: A/C.3/73/SR.3

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UN Doc.: A/C.3/73/SR.3, 3 October 2018, p. 12, Youth Delegate Search:, doi: 10.17176/20221018-191820-0.

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